SHARPTECH Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Vertical Machining Center Super V Series

V660 / V880

SHARPTECH completed brand new designed high C/P value-Super V Series

SHARPTECH's innovative powerful ECO V series, high speed vertical machining center equipped with 7.5/11kw spindle motor provide mass cutting capacity, and direct drives spindle is available up to 30000rpm.

The ball screws of XYZ axes use high precision C3 class with pre-loaded, no backlash designed and direct transmission to achieve best cutting performance.

All axes are equipped with linear guide way, to achieve heavy loading and heavy cutting capacity, and 1.5/1.5/2 kw axial motors are applied to all axes.

SHARPTECH's construction uses only high quality well ribbed meehanite cast iron included machine's base, saddle, table, wider column and head stock. All structure parts are manufactured from high quality cast iron with tempering and normalization heat treatment. This resulted to assure the extremely high stability and high rigidity of material to achieve superior cutting performacne without deformation by optimal FEA process.
1. High rapid traverse
The XYZ rapid traverse ranged to 36/36/30 m/min, and driven by 2.0kw axial servo motor.
Needle mold sample Engine cover case
Oil cooler adapter  
2. High cutting feed for multi purpose use
From 1 to 10 m/min
3. 24 tool pocket swing arm type ATC (option)
24 swing arm type ATC Swing arm ATC and spindle nose
4th axis rotary and with tilting axis  
4. Power
Standard spindle power 5.5/7.5kw (7.5/10hp), 10000 rpm
5. Ball screw
All XYZ ball screw are using high precision C3 class with pre-loading and no backlash designed, and with direct coupling transmission to achieve the best accuracy.
6. Cartridge type high speed spindle
The standard spindle speed is belt drive 10000rpm. Optional 12000rpm direct drive spindle and 30000rpm Electro spindle is also available for extremely high speed cutting.
  BT 40 Belt drive spindle up to 10000rpm
Direct Drive Spindle up to 30000rpm  
7. Linear motion guide way
All axes are equipped with P class linear guide way to achieve the high loading and high cutting capacity.
Specially, SHARPTECH uses 4 linear guide way in Y axis for heavy duty cutting.
Roof type telescopic cover in X and Y axis 2 linear guide way with total 4 silde block in Y axis
2 linear guide way with 4 slide block in X axis 2 linear guide way with 4 slide block in Z axis
8. Quality assurance
Before assembling
1. Components-100% QC
2. Assembling-100% QC
3. Assembly by skillful and experienced engineers
After assembling
1. Ball bar test-to ensure the linear and geometry of machine
2. Laser calibration-to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy
Hand scrapping in all contact surgaces Ball bar check
MARPOSS touch probe (option)  
9. Lubrication
All axed ball screws, linear guide ways and bearing are lubricated compulsory by automatic lubrication system.
Oil distributor Lubrication pump
10. Test Before shipment
Cutting test : Drilling, Tapping, Cutting capacity test.
Accuracy test : Rectangular, Circular and Roundness test.
Model Unit V660 V880
X axis mm (in) 660 (25.98) 880 (34.64)
Y axis mm (in) 420 (16.5) 510 (20)
Z axis mm (in) 510 (20) 510 (20)
Spindle nose to table mm (in) 125-635 (4.9-25) 125-635 (4.9-25)
Spindle center to column mm (in) 520 (20.47) 520 (20.47)
Table size mm2 (in2) 750x450 (29.52x17.71) 900x500 (35.43x19.68)
Table height mm (in) 850 (33.46) 850 (33.46)
Table surface (T slot)   5x18x80 5x18x80
Table Max. load kg (Ibs) 300 (660) 400 (880)
Spindle speed(Belt) rpm 10,000 10,000
Spindle motor power KW (hp) 5.5/7.5 (7.3/9.97) 5.5/7.5 (7.3/9.97)
Spindle taper   BT40 BT40
Axes Rapid and Feed Rate  
XYZ Rapid M/min 36/36/30 (1417/1417/1181)
XYZ feed M/min 1-10 (39.3-393) 1-10 (39.3-393)
XYZ Servo power Kw (hp) 1.5/1.5/2 (2/2/2.66) 1.5/1.5/2 (2/2/2.66)
ARM type ATC (option)  
No. of tools no. 24 24
ATC time (T-T) sec 3 3
ATC time (C-C) sec 6 6
Pocket pitch mm 80 (3.15) 80 (3.15)
Max. tool length mm 350 (13.7) 350 (13.7)
Max. tool weight kg 80 (3.15) 80 (3.15)
Max. tool Dia. mm 160 (6.3) 160 (6.3)
(No adjacent) mm 8 (17.6) 8 (17.6)
Positioning X/Y/Z mm VDI/DGQ 3441 0.015
Repeatability X/Y/Z mm VDI/DGQ 3441 Ps Max. 0.01
Pneumatic unit    
System pressure bar 6 6
Compressed air consumption Iitre/min 400 400
Coolant system  
Pump motor output KW 0.96 (1.26) 0.96 (1.26)
Pump flow rate Iitre/min 66 66
Pump/Machine unit 2 2
Coolant tank capacity liter 240 240
Power capacity KVA 15KVA 15KVA
Length mm (in) 2336 (92) 2336 (92)
Width mm (in) 2200 (86.6) 2200 (86.6)
Machine height mm (in) 2600 (103) 2600 (103)
Weight kg (Ibs) 4200 (9240) 4700 (10368)

*As to improve the machine's performance, all specification are subject to change without notice
*Positioning accuracy is basis on VDI 3441
*Repeatability accuracy is basis on VDI 3441Ps
*XYZ servo power of Fanuc OiMD are 1.8/ 1.8/3kw(option)
*Spindle power of Fanuc OiMD is 7.5/ 11 kw